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tankianconcert's Journal

August 12. 2010

Tankian Live in Yerevan:)
21 August
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Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Serj Tankian is an Armenian-American Grammy Award-winning rock singer-songwriter with many
other talents like record producer, multi-instrumentalist, poet, and an activist. He is also well-known for promoting human
rights, and environmental protection. Tankian is actively involved in promoting and lobbying the Armenian Genocide
recognition on different levels.
The artist is also politically involved. He is a co-founded of a non-profit political activist organization, Axis of Justice, aimed at
motivating youth interest in politics and into Genocide recognition. The organization’s purpose is to bring together
musicians, fans of music, and grassroots progressivism to fight for social justice together.
During his musical career, he has released 5 albums with System of a Down, one with Arto Tunçboyacıyan (Serart), as well as
his debut solo album Elect the Dead and a live orchestral version incorporating the Auckland philharmonic orchestra Elect
the Dead Symphony.